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Aurora - Pathfinder and Bringer of Light

I Am Aurora. Spirit has brought me a long way to share my gifts with you and I have been very blessed on my journey. I had an instant spiritual awakening in 1988 - 6 months after the Harmonic Convergence and my path since then has been long and winding.  I have always been a curious searcher and my curiosity has led me through many different modalities.

Ten years ago I lived in a small town in Sweden, working and living a pretty ordinary life.  But deep inside I knew I had to leave my old life to follow my Heart. My guidance showed me Sedona, Arizona and knew immediately this was the place where I had to be. I love Sedona, her Magic and Beauty, and I feel very, very Blessed to be able to live here and be of service.

I have been a Vortex Tour guide for nine years and Mother Nature and the Spirits of the land have blessed me with great spiritual growth and many wonderful and magical experiences. I offer customized Vortex Tours, Meditation on the Land and Sacred Ceremonies among the Red Rocks of Sedona. I do Sacred Wheel and Labyrinth Walks and are also available for sightseeing and photo tours.

On my tours I will take you not only to the Vortexes but also to the Sacred space within yourself. I use Inner Journeys and visualization to help you to connect to both the land and to your authentic self so healing, clarity and realization can take place. Learn how to utilize the Vortex energies for your own upliftment and how to understand the language of the nature.

The connection with Sedona's higher energy field has brought forward many gifts, and my way of showing gratitude is to share these with the people that cross my path.

electromagnetic energies has led me to the beautiful place where I am living today - Sedona, one of the most powerful Vortexes in the world and Sacred Land for many Native American tribes. The Hopi Tribe see this area as "the place where Heaven meets Earth" and I fully agree. It's easy to connect both to Mother Earth and Father Sky here among God's monoliths.

My life's mission is except for being a conduit for the Light and aid Mother Earth in her transition, to serve and help to heal the wounded hearts and minds of the people that is coming my way.
Thank you so much for reading my biography and getting to know me.

With Blessings of Love and Joy!