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Do you feel drawn to visit Sedona?

A place of transformation

Yes, she has her own way of telling you that your time has come to receive her gifts. Some people have told me that they have seen the red rocks in a dream, some have been told by a psychic or guru to go to Sedona; others have felt her magnetic pull and intuitively know they have to come.
Most of my clients are people that are in the midst of a big change in their lives and are confused about their next step. Maybe there is a physical ailment that needs to be healed. Some people are overwhelmed and burned out and need to come here to "load the batteries". But whether you need to find clarity or receive emotional or physical healing, - Sedona is the place to be.

A gift from the Mother Earth

Can you imagine how it feels to wake up and see these rock formations every morning from your bedroom window? I can feel the rush of energy that rolls through me just by looking at them and it kicks me wide awake in a moment. Sedona with her Vortex energies is a gift from Mother Earth to all her children walking upon her. It's the call of her Spirit you hear when the magnetics start to pull you here.

Sacred Land Journeys:

Vortex Tours- Connect deeply with Mother Earth and your true inner self through the higher energy field  of the Sedona vortexes. Feel the healing and heightened awareness that the land offers to you.

Sacred Sites Journey - We'll visit 3 of Sedona's Sacred sites for Ceremony and Meditation.

Sacred Ceremonies- Full and New Moon, Solstice, Equinox and other Planetary Alignments, Mother & Daughter, Wise Woman Initiations and other Celebrations. Drumming, Chanting and Ritual.

Medicine Wheels and Labyrinth Walks - walking meditations in the sacred circle. Learn how to tap into your deepest intuition.Empowering and healing.

Soulful Hikes, River hikes 
and Meditationon the Land - journeys to secluded places, away from the crowd.

Group Tours - Rent-a-Guide - Spiritual and Sight seeing tours.

Tours start at $99. See detailed price list on our Services and Pricing page.

"We wanted to say thanks and to give special credit to Aurora who was just a delight. She is very knowledgeable, sincere and very dedicated and she made the touring experience a memory to savor. It was the highlight of the trip to Sedona and we would recommend it to anyone visiting. Namaste" - J and M

Are you ready for your Sedona adventure?

If you would like to connect with me and know more about my offerings, then email me and I will call you back for a free consultation. Together we will set up the tour, that will serve you best at this time.

If you are in Sedona please call me and we will schedule your tour at a time that fits you best. Also im-promptu tours.

Many Blessings and wishes for a Miraculous 2011!
Aurora Spuhler

"Aurora is so knowledgeable, attentive and inspiring. I felt she understood where I am on my spiritual path and offered insight, guidance and positive vibes of encouragement." - MK, San Francisco, CA

" It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful times here - Aurora is wonderful and the sights amazing!" - MP, BocaRaton, FL

"My wife and I came here on a spiritual quest and we found it on the tour. It was everything we were looking for - the respect for the vortex and the planet and God. Thank you from our hearts." - JM, Lancaster, CA

"I will be forever grateful to you who helped me through my unexpected reaction to Sedona. Thanks Aurora for recognizing what was happening to me and guiding me through it." - CP, Boulder,CO

" I was totally in awe! Found a new meaning to my life in letting go and to welcome a new beginning. Many thanks and a great job done!! I now know where my life is going." - RG Jr, Goffstown, NH

"I just couldn't leave today without offering my sincerest thanks to Aurora. She is very kind, gentle, knowledgeable, intuitive, gracious and extremely gifted. The tour she shared with us went beyond what was expected. Her gentle healing ways helped me to to unblock emotions and have allowed me to begin my healing."- GM, Manchester, NH

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