SEDONA PATHFINDERS - Tours and Spiritual Services


Customized Vortex Tour
I have learned to tap  into the subtle energies of the Sacred land of Sedona and would love to share her Magic and Beauty with you - through Meditation and Ceremony on the land.  Learn about the different Vortexes and the rich history of Sedona. You will come back energized, transformed and peaceful.
Price; 2 hours $99, 3 hours $119

Medicine Wheel Journey
Enter a sacred space where Heaven meets the Earth. To walk the wheel is to honor all life's cycles. The wheel is magnifying and expanding our intents and prayers and as we are walking through all seven directions we will receive clarity, cleansing and guidance.
A beautiful heart opening experience.
Price; 2 hours $109

Labyrinth Walk
A walking meditation into the center of a beautiful river rock labyrinth and also into your own center. In this sacred space we do an intuitive guided inner journey that will activate your deepest wishes and intentions into manifestation.
Price; 1,5 hours $50

Sacred Land Journey
In this tour we'll visit 2 or 3 Sacred Sites and learn about their use by doing a small ceremony on each one of them. Choose between the Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth, the Buddhist Stupa, a Zen Garden and Chapel of the Holy Cross.
Price; 3 hours $119

Drum Journeys
Find your poweranimal. Meet face-to-face with Mother Earth. Access your Spirit Guides. Bring back lost fragments of yourself. Your intentions are creating a journey that is customized to just your needs.
Donation only. 1 hour

Nature Hikes
We'll hike through lush greenery, among enchanting red rock formations or along a beautiful creek bed. Bring your camera and binoculars!
Price; from $99

Photo and Sightseeing Tour
Let me show you the most interesting landmarks of Sedona. Learn about the city's history, geology and vortex energies. We will stop for breath taking pictures and views. Morning or Sunset tour.
Price; 2 hours $89

Group Tours - Rent-a-guide
Let  me step aboard your tour bus or own car (for groups of 4 and more) and be your  Sedona guide. Red Rock, Medicine Wheel, and sightseeing tours. Ask for pricing. Great discounts!

All prices are for single person. Additional persons pay 50% of the original price.

Tours are not conducted on USFS land. Prices are subject to change any time. 24 hour cancellation policy.


    Please contact Aurora for orders or requests.